My Postpartum Fitness Journey

My Postpartum Fitness Journey

My postpartum fitness journey is one I will always look back on with a smile. I knew I wanted to give my body time to rest and heal in the beginning after bringing such a beautiful life into this World. We had our son in February and in the beginning of my postpartum journey I was so weak that I couldn’t even get up to change my son’s dirty diaper. I had a second degree tear that prevented me from walking any bit of distance for quite some time. Thank goodness for my husband. He was a life saver in the beginning.

Fast forward a few weeks and I could feel my body getting a little stronger. I began to go on walks just around our neighborhood pushing the stroller. I knew fresh air was good for me and my son. I was cleared to start exercising again in March, but it wasn’t until early May that I really started to think about working out. I just wanted to give my body time to heal and to be with my baby. To tell you about my workout routine before pregnancy, I was doing cardio 2-3 times per week and weight training with a personal trainer 1-2 times per week.  Once I was ready to start my fitness journey again, I was lost on how to start, then one day a blogger that I follow (Strips + Whismy) was currently using GlowbodyPT 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan and I could tell that it would be something I would enjoy as well.

Before I started the GlowBody PT Post Pregnancy Plan – I have no definition in my stomach.

Enter Ashley Keller from GlowbodyPT. I started Ashley’s 12week Post Pregnancy Plan at the end of May. Ashley’s plan included a step by step guide to all the workouts plus all the videos to go along with it. It even comes with a meal plan. What sold me about the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan is that I will get access to the workout videos and plan for 10 years (for future pregnancies).  In the beginning, I love how the plan eased back into working out. We first started with checking for diastasis recti (DR), which I had about a two finger gap. There are four workouts a week ranging from 10-15 minutes in the beginning to closer to 30 minutes towards the end. It is the perfect amount of time for a busy mom trying to get a workout in during nap times.  The first week of classes were just the right pace for me. I didn’t want to overwork myself and strain my stomach muscles further than what they were. Ashley is a personal trainer and has worked with many postpartum women to understand our needs like DR. She was super encouraging throughout the entire Post Pregnancy Plan. She always said if you need to hit pause and take care of your baby then do it, then come back and finish the workout later. After the first month I could feel I my body starting to get stronger, especially around my stomach. The equipment needed was a couple pairs of weights and a stability ball. I used 5lb weight in the beginning and gradually increased to 10lb weights.

Five weeks into the plan I started to notice my arm definition coming back and I felt stronger carrying my baby. If you don’t know by now I’m basically raising a giant. Our pediatrician says our son is the average size of a 1 year old and he’s only six months. I needed my arm strength back and boy did it help (pun intended). As the final month of the plan approached Ashley started to incorporate more cardio, walk to jog style running. I really like this style of running and enjoyed it being in the plan. This was the perfect way to build my endurance up again.

After I finished the GlowBodyPT Post Pregnancy Plan, I could see some ab definition coming back and I feel stronger and leaner.

The Post Pregnancy Workout Plan was the perfect match for me. It fit into my schedule of getting a workout in during nap time or whenever was convenient with my schedule. Since I’ve completed the plan I feel stronger, leaner and I feel like I’m able to get a good sweat going in a short amount of time. I’m super thankful Ashley created this plan. It gave me a direction to turn to when I didn’t know how to start my post partum fitness journey. If you’re a new mom and or someone looking to get back into working out this plan is for you. It’s a gradually process that you will love the way you feel once complete. And PS I have discount code that gets you $15 off – cotton15. Message with if you have any questions about the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan, I’d love to help you with your fitness journey.

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