Travel Guide to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

Nunjack Cay, Bahamas

Update to this blog post: Green Turtle Cay and the northern Bahamas islands were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Please donate supplies, your time or money to relief efforts. These islands are amazing places to visit and the Bahamians need our help to rebuild to their former beauty.

There is nothing better than island time! From the gorgeous blue water to the silky white sand, the Bahamas are quickly becoming one of my favorite places to vacation.

In the early part of summer we took a vacation with my husband’s family to Green Turtle Cay.  We loved our time in Green Turtle and I wanted to share our experiences so that they may help you in planning your next Bahamas vacation.

Green Turtle was named after the abundant green turtles that make the surrounding waters their home. We were lucky to see a few on our trip. The island is a barrier island located off the mainland of Big Abaco. There’s a quaint village on Green Turtle called New Plymouth that was founded in the 19th century. There’s many nods to the Old English style all throughout the village. Golf carts, bikes and walking are the preferred form of travel even though cars are allowed. Oh and did I mention they drive on the left side of the road? Something I had to get used to.

Green Turtles

New Plymouth

We departed from Vero Beach by boat at about 6:30am and set course for Green Turtle. In total it took us a little over eight hours to reach our destination. We did have to take the occasional bathroom and snack break, but who doesn’t?

I was a little nervous for my first time crossing the gulf stream, but I knew I was traveling with those who’ve made the crossing plenty of times before, which made me feel more comfortable with the situation. I parked myself on a bean bag as my husband and his dad were at the helm.

We arrived to beautiful weather, gorgeous blue water and slight winds. Our first day was met with unpacking the boat and settling in to our home on the bay. Followed by more snacks of course!

It was decided the next day we would take the boat down to Guana Cay and head to the famous Nippers. If you’ve never been to Nippers, let me just say this place can be a blast and a fun place to people watch. We enjoyed our day with family and friends, dancing and having a ball.


During a good portion of the week, we were diving and snorkeling. We were diving for hogfish and grouper.  My husband, his brother and dad are experienced free dive spear-fisherman. One thing I would recommend is to hire a boat guide while in the Abaco waters. A local fisherman can help you navigate the many coral reefs with ease and help you find the best rock ledges for spearfishing.

Grouper fish

Your visit to Green Turtle Cay ins’t complete without visiting a few of our favorites places.

For dinners we loved Green Turtle Club, Harvey’s and also cooking our fresh caught fish. For bars Sundowners, Pinapples, The Bluff House, Miss Emily’s are a must. Each bar we went to has their own version of a rum drink. We also loved the Leeward Yacht Club for their lobster bites.

Manjack Cay, Bahamas

We had the best time on our trip to Green Turtle and we can’t wait to go back. I hope some of these tips will inspire you to plan a vacation to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas!

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