Travel Guide To Palm Island Resort

Travel Guide To Palm Island Resort

Wow, what a crazy year this has been. If you would have said to me at the beginning of 2020 that is was going to look like this I would not have believed you. Well here we are ten months into 2020 and things are still weird and crazy. After being cooped up in our houses for months, my family and I were searching for a safe place to spend a summer family vacation. After some research and talking with family members we settled on Palm Island Resort. The sweetest little island on the west coast of Florida. It is only accessible by car ferry and golf carts are the official form of transportation. Sign us up!! It was the perfect safe place for our family. We called to book our reservation and were accommodated with very helpful service. We booked a super cute three bedroom coastal decorated condo right on the ocean with the most amazing sunsets!

When we arrived to the ferry dock. We waited less than 10min for the ferry. It is a short ride across the little harbor. We were told once we cross over to the island to follow the signs for the Palm Island Resort parking lot. We were then met by two porters with oversized golf carts who helped load all of our luggage onto the carts. Looking back, those porters definitely earned their tip. Babies are small but they sure pack mighty!! We probably overpacked, but this was only our second time away from home with our son. Once again we weren’t sure what we would need and didn’t need. We’re slowly learning how to travel with a our son and all the baby items you have to pack.

The condo was just as pictured. A beautifully blue and white coastal decorated home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Perfect for my parents and my sister and her family. The resort only has one restaurant and a small cafe, so we decided to pack a lot of our groceries in coolers and cook most of the time.  Since we were there essentially for a long weekend we decided that each family would take a night to cook. I highly recommend planning this way if you’re traveling in a group. It made grocery shopping so much easier. We only had to pack groceries for one dinner instead of four. Todd and I made hamburger sliders on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, roasted veggies and baked french fries. It was a hit!

Our days started out waking up late, as late as you can with a baby 🙂 and eating a hardy breakfast made by my momma. She makes the best french toast! We then all got ready to head to the beach to sharks tooth hunt and look for sand dollars. After morning nap time we would then all gather either by the pool to cool off or meet up for lunch. I made my famous BLT sandwiches with avocado spread! I’ll post that recipe some day. My parents brought a pickle ball set and we lucked out that some of the tennis courts were set up for pickle ball. For the afternoons we would gather to play a few games. It turns out we really enjoyed playing pickle ball. It’s similar to tennis, but a smaller racket (a paddle) and the balls have holes in them like a wiffle ball. My dad got super competitive and beat Todd and myself on the court! As the days wined down we were greeted by the most beautiful sunsets! The west coast of Florida offers the best sunset around! For happy hour we would gather on our porch over looking the ocean with a drink of choice!

If you’re looking for a low-key place to go (especially during Covid) Palm Island Resort is your travel destination. We felt so safe the entire time. They have plenty of pools, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, playgrounds and of course the beach. And not to mention the most beautiful sunsets! We loved our low-key family vacation and can’t wait to go back next year and hopefully make it a family tradition to head to the west coast of Florida every year!

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