Travel Guide to Park City, Utah

Park City Utah

The prettiest place in the mountains!

For the past couple of years we’ve been going to Park City, Utah for winter vacations. This little town right outside of Salt Lake is just magical. I like to describe Park City as my happy place! The air is crisp, the views are spectacular and there’s nothing like the feeling of a hot meal hitting your lips after a cold day on the slopes!

I wanted to give ya’ll a few tips from our experiences in Park City.


As much as I dislike super early morning flights. We always take the first flight out that morning from our base airport of Orlando, FL. We do this because of the time change. The flight is about a 3 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the headwinds. We usually arrive in Salk Lake sometime in the early mid morning. We quickly gather our belongings from the baggage carousel and call an Uber. If we time everything just right, we can be fitted for gear and on the slopes by 1:00PM. This makes for a great half day to ease back into skiing and to make sure all of our gear is working properly. One day we would love to purchase our own gear, but for now we just rent. We love renting from the following places:

  1. Black Tie Skis– Skis and snowboards – they will come to you and get you fitted for your gear
  2. Park City Sport – Multiple locations throughout the city with all the gear needed
  3. Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rental – Multiple locations throughout the city with all the gear needed


Decide which mountain you want to ski that day. We have enjoyed Park City Mountain, Canyons Mountain and for skiers only, Deer Valley! All three have their unique experiences that are definitely worth trying out. For us, since we have skiers and boarders, we wanted the whole group to be together for a full day on the slopes. We decided that we would ski Canyons Mountain.  All of us are at different levels of skiing and boarding.  We chose to hit The Colony area of Canyons as a group, because the runs are nice and long and not to mention wide. You can go as fast as you want or you can slow down to enjoy the beautiful views. This was an absolutely beautiful blue bird day on the slopes.



No trip to Park City, Utah is complete without hitting up Main Street for the shopping and the many restaurants. Originally founded as a mining town, Main Street is by far one of the cutest streets you will ever see. The old historic buildings with cute boutiques and yummy restaurants are a must visit if you ask me. What we usually do is plan to ski for a few days and then take a rest day. Our rest day is filled with shopping on Main Street followed by lunch or a spa day.  A few restaurants I recommend are:

  1. No Name Saloon – must be 21 to enter, has amazing burgers
  2. Chimayo – A beautiful southwestern restaurant
  3. Stein Eriksen Lodge – Glitretind Restaurant – The best lunch buffet on Deer Valley mountain
  4. Davanzas Pizza – Yummy pizza and perfect for the nights when you don’t want to go out and don’t want to cook


Deer Valley, Utah

Park City, Utah


Just enjoy your time in the mountains as much as you can. There are picturesque mountains views at every turn. We only go for a week every year and it seems like we could always stay longer. I think my husband and I would one day like to own a mountain home of our own. However, until then, I recommend getting a big group together and enjoying the time with friends and family.

There’s nothing like a mountain vacation to relax and recharge during the winter months.

All the best,


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