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Baby Announcement



We are so excited to share with you all the wonderful news!!!

We will be adding a little one to our family in January of 2020!! We have been so thrilled and a little nervous during this new time in our lives!!

We found out we were pregnant the day before our one year anniversary. We had just gotten back from a vacation and were also in the process of moving. We were so happy once we read the positive mark on the pregnancy test that we honestly couldn’t believe it. We were both so quiet for a short time afterward.

We found out on a weekend and we soon called the doctor’s office Monday morning. They scheduled me for an appointment which I thought was for our 6wk appointment, but it turned out to be a confirmation appointment because of the way I ovulate (which is later than normal). We patiently waited as the next few weeks went by for our 8wk appointment to get to see our little baby!

The time is flying by and we have since been to our 20wk appointment where the doctor gave us a great update! We got to hear the heartbeat and the doctor said everything sounded normal. Next week we will be going to our anatomy scan.

During the past four months things have changed quite a bit for us. I’ve slowed down with the amount of working out I was doing.  I previously ran three miles a couple of times a week and weight trained with no problems. However, during the first trimester I couldn’t even walk without feeling icky. Yoga was my best friend during that time. I used my Peloton app to take yoga classes at home and loved it. As we welcomed the second trimester my working out routine has increased a little, but there’s still times where I don’t feel well. I’ve stuck to mostly walking, with a little bit of spin, running and weight training mixed in when I feel up for it.

My diet has also changed. I’ve honestly had to give myself a lot of grace in this department. I was used to eating relatively healthy foods and cooking at home. There have been some days where all I want is a pulled pork sandwich and french fries from a local BBQ joint.  It’s kind of funny how our body reacts like that. I’ve tried to eat as much greens, veggies and fruits as I can.

My husband has been a huge help during this new time. He is so excited for our little baby to be here. He is honestly so good with kids. I’ve never seen someone with so much pure joy and enthusiasm to play with children and I’m so excited to see him play with our little one. He is going to be a GREAT DAD!

As for finding out the gender. We are going to have a gender reveal party. We have names picked out already for either boy or girl, so we’ve to decided to find out at the party with our family and friends. We’ve heard so many wonderful things about waiting until the delivery, but honestly I’m a planner and I love to decorate. I can’t wait until we find out so we can decorate the nursery in a fun theme!

We are so thankful and excited that God has blessed us with the opportunity to be parents. We are so thankful for the way we both were raised in loving Christian homes and our biggest prayer during these times is that we can do the same for our child.

I’ll take any advice you have for this first time momma-to-be. We can’t wait to meet our little one in a few months!

All the best,





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